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Moms Are Sharing Stories Of Their Kids Unintentionally Roasting Them

Becoming a mom shouldn’t take over your entire identity, but it definitely seems to take over your wardrobe. And hair care routine. And whether or not you think it’s worth applying mascara. There’s a learning curve, at least, and some days have space for mom to dress up, some do not. This transformation isn’t a big deal, but if you think other people aren’t noticing, bad news: they are. Especially the kids.

Writer Aubrey Hirsch shared a story with her followers about how a child ended up dragging her different morning looks, the “pretty” one and the “other” one. She says the kid in her son’s class was convinced her son had two moms, because two clearly two different women were showing up at school. But when the kid described these moms, Hirsch recognized both as herself.

It’s a cute story about what children notice (how bad or good you look) and what they don’t notice (that you are one person). It went viral, however, because it’s apparently one of the most relatable things in the world to other moms.

Some days they can be pretty mom and some days they just can’t. That’s when the Other Mom arrives, with her hair in a bun and mismatching shoes.

Honestly, the burns these kids are unintentionally laying on their friends and relatives are about to send someone to the hospital:

Kids can be so cruel. And accurate.

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