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People Are Sending Their Moms Random Selfies And Sharing Their Responses (42 Pics)

Twitter user @tbcstan actually says in her bio, “My mom follows me so please be respectful and nice.” While most of her tweets are jokes, the mom influence can definitely be felt in a Twitter experiment that has taken over her timeline, one that includes the instructions: send your mom a selfie.

In a tweet, she wrote, “Everyone take a Facebook mom style selfie, send it to your mom, and post their response below. I have a theory.”

She then shared the results of her personal test. It’s a photo that is supposed to look like the kind of selfie a mom would take and then post on Facebook, so considerably less sophisticated and flattering than what we expect of the Instagram and Tik Tok generation.

A little goofy. Then there’s a screenshot of her mom’s response to receiving it, in which she says, “Aww how cute! You look pretty sweetheart.”

She then revealed her theory, which was “no matter how awkward the smile or angle, your mom will always compliment you.” She added, “This thread proves my theory.”

But does it? People were very eager to try this out. Some sent genuinely cute pics to their moms, some tested the limits of what even a mom can find adorable. There were a lot of sweet moms out there, gassing up their kids and telling them how beautiful they are and they’re a delight to read:




send your mom a selfie, mom selfie

send your mom a selfie, mom selfie


send your mom a selfie, mom selfie