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People Are Sharing Their Unpopular Music Opinions And Some Might Make You Mad (22 Posts)

Redditor u/GW2RNGR asked the community a simple question:

“What is your most unpopular music opinion?”

Guys, there are so many takes.

People had some FEELINGS and the responses are many.

Here are some of the top unpopular music opinions.

1. Producers

“Sometimes producers should have more credit than the artists.”—u/Maxbenkel

2. DJ Khaled

“I think DJ Khaled doesn’t deserve as much of the credit as the artists on his songs.”—godofmediocrity53

3. Soundtracks

“Soundtracks from TV shows, movies, and video games are as good, if not better than, original music.”—HeavyWeath3r

4. Eminem

“Eminem is very talented, and I can appreciate that. However, to me he just sounds like a pissed-off chihuahua.”—attackedmoose

5. Limp Bizkit

“The first Limp Bizkit album wasn’t bad. Shit went downhill fairly quick after that.—u/powerbrows

6. U2

“U2 is boring.”—u/N0_b0di

7. Gatekeeping

“You don’t have to know the band members’ names and history to be a fan. Music is about the sound and how it makes you feel; it feels like a trivia cult. If you don’t know facts about the band, some fans get defensive about how much of a fan you are.”— u/jopim17410

8. Beatles

“George Harrison was the best Beatle and had the best career music-wise after they broke up.”—u/Mangobunny98

9. Mainstream Music

“Most mainstream musicians focus more on their theatrics and personas instead of music — so a lot of it sounds the same and it’s bland.”—u/wanderingstalker

10. Beyoncé

“Beyoncé is overrated.”—u/ChoppyWAL99