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People Sure Have A Lot Of Feelings About Phoebe Bridgers Smashing A Guitar On “SNL”

When I saw that Phoebe Bridgers smashed (or attempted to smash) her guitar on Saturday Night Live, I got a thrill. A teenager of the 90s, I grew up watching videos of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love doing just that, thrashing around and destroying the very source of their art.

It was nihilistic and beautiful. Was it planned? Maybe. Maybe not. But the symbolism of smashing a guitar is definitely a part of music history.

Phoebe Bridgers, albeit in a very controlled atmosphere, evoked a tiny bit of that old rock and roll energy.


The musician, who performed “Kyoto” and “I Know the End” from her Grammy-nominated album Punisher, ended her set by screaming and repeatedly bashing the floor monitor with her Danelectro Dano ’56 Baritone guitar.

Bridgers explained on Twitter that she had planned to break the guitar on the floor monitor (which was also apparently intended to be injured) and had told Danelectro in advance. 


I told danelectro I was going to do it and they wished me luck and told me they’re hard to break

— traitor joe (@phoebe_bridgers) February 7, 2021

“I told Danelectro I was going to do it and they wished me luck and told me they’re hard to break,” Bridgers wrote.  

Some folks clutched their pearls at the scene.

I mean, for real? Guitars have been getting abused as far back as Jimi Hendrix, probably further. This is rock and roll. Break the damn guitar. 

However, most people could appreciate Bridgers’ guitar smashing as a theatrical gesture and even poked fun at some of the pearl-clutching.

You know what? I want to see more women smashing guitars in 2021. Get on it, girls. 

Lead image: Twitter