Some Of Brittany Spears’ Most Dedicated Fans Suspect The Star Is Actually Dead

Britney Spears has had no shortage of spotlight since she burst onto the scene in 1999. Although, the last decade or so hasn’t been too great for the singer/dancer/painfully awkward Tiktok maker.

However, Spears’ fanbase still runs deep. Really deep. Some of Brittany’s most, uh, intense fans “playfully” known as B-Anon think this manic Brittany we know today is a replacement. The “real” Brittany died back in 2009.

Seems totally legit to me.

Yep, that dude is also super credible. 

Basically, they think Brittany Spears died in 2009 and and now they have a clone of her running around under conservatorship. But that’s just one of the theories.

Some go so far as to say the clone goes to events and pretends to be her.

Look, is this a clone? Probably not. But it’s fun to think so. Poor Britany was the most famous person in America for a good clip of time. She was young and taken advantage of. That sh*t broke her. So, in the immortal words of Cara Cunningham, “Leave Brittany alone!.”