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Tumblr Has Some Damn Funny ‘Battle Of Winterfell’ Jokes And These Are The Best Of The Best

Last night’s Game of Thrones episode was a real doozy. If you’re like me, you sat on your couch immediately after the episode, still clutching your heart with a shaking hand. While tweets and  memes have been pouring in from around the Internet, the good folks of Tumblr are the ones who really captured the feel of the episode to its very core.

1. When Brienne was fighting side-by-side with Jaime.

2. When Lyanna Mormont faced the giant…

3. …And died doing what she did best.

4. When a main character was on-screen getting swarmed by the Undead.

5. When Arya was sneaking through that library.

6. When you watched Arya kill the Night King with subtitles on.

7. When the show should have cut to Cersei in King’s Landing.

8. When The Hound went into full ‘protective dad’ mode

9. When Ser Davos watched Arya mop up those zombies.

10. When Lyanna Mormont pulled the knife.

11. When we were all frantically wondering where Ghost was.

12. When Arya proved The Hound wrong yet again.

13. When we all saw The Night King walk through Winterfell

14. When The Night King stood in front of Bran.

15. When Theon went down like the true hero he always was.

16. When Melissandre whispered those words to Arya.

17. When we saw Arya do anything on-screen, ever.

18. When Arya juked The Night King.

19. When the episode ended and we all watched the next episode preview.

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