Natasha Lyonne’s Awkward Clap At The 2019 Emmys Will Go Down In History

When the 2019 Emmy Awards took place on Sunday night at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, it was a celebration of TV stardom. All the actors, actresses, writers, directors, and production crews behind our favorite shows were out in full force to celebrate the accomplishments of their peers and applaud them for their hard work. 

Speaking of applause, seeing the stars’ reactions to the winners of each category when the camera pans to them in the audience is often one of the best parts of watching the ceremony. That was certainly the case this year, when Natasha Lyonne stole the hearts of many as well as the award for best clap of this year’s event with what was truly a tremendous round of applause. 

Lyonne, who’s known for being lovably kooky in general, couldn’t contain her excitement when Phoebe Waller-Bridge picked up the Emmy for lead actress in a comedy for Fleabag, despite the fact that Lyonne herself was up in the same category for her work in Russian Doll. Lyonne also lost to Waller-Bridge in the best writing for a comedy category, but she just seemed thrilled to be nominated. And thus, the most amazing clap was born. 

It’s hard to say whether Lyonne was overjoyed at Waller-Bridge’s triumph of an Emmys night because she’s a big fan of Fleabag, because she’s not all that fussed about receiving awards, or because she just loves celebrating her fellow women succeeding in Hollywood. Perhaps it’s a combination of the three. Whatever the inspiration behind his beautiful round of applause, everyone was here for it. 

Best of all, it seems like Lyonne has finally given Nicole Kidman’s awkward and uncomfortable (and therefore amazing) clapping from the 2017 Academy Awards a run for its money. This one is even better because it’s not awkward, it’s just hilarious and wholesome, and what more can we really ask for?