“Blue Clues” Has Made Some Technical Updates And It’s Making People Feel Real Old

If you were a kid who grew up on Blues Clues, I have bad news for you: you’re old now. Yes, the show is still on, but the old host of Blues Clues you’re probably familiar with, Steve, has been replaced. He’s now played by a new actor under the name Josh. None of that is bad in itself, of course. Progress! New ideas! All very normal stuff for Nickelodeon, one of our more progressive kid’s networks. But it can be hard to face change for us nostalgic adults.

Well, I’m here to make it worse. 

The Blues Clues reboot had changed Mail Time, a classic segment. Instead of receiving a physical letter out of the mailbox, Josh is now getting emails. This was pointed out by Twitter user @MissLady_Leah, who wrote, “I want y’all people with no kids to know… Blues Clues gets emails instead of letters now.”

The tweet went viral as people reckoned with the passage of time and the way technology steamrolls everything good in life, like notepads.

People are also extremely angry on Mailbox’s behalf, because making him stick around for this change seems absolutely sadistic:

And ironically, even email will be left behind eventually:

I guess all that matters is that Blue’s Clues keep coming in for the younger generation…until TV itself becomes obsolete.

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