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Turns Out There Are “Schitt’s Creek” Bonus Episodes, Here’s How To Watch Them

Schitt’s Creek is that rare show that you can watch with anyone from your parents to your weirdest friend and still enjoy the same amount.

The sitcom Schitt’s Creek, about a displaced upper-crust family who must reimagine their lives upon losing everything and moving to a small fecally-named town, draws humor from both universally relatable personal dynamics and well-written characters.

The enlivening presence of comedy legends like Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, and Chris Elliot doesn’t hurt either. Created by son-father team Daniel and Eugene Levy (owner of the most iconic eyebrows in the business) the show was something of a sleeper hit until it landed on Netflix in its third season and began gobbling up accolades and Emmys like a long-haul trucker at the Old Country Buffet (or anyone at the Old Country Buffet, really.)

After sweeping the 2020 Emmy Awards, the show has entered its 6th and final season, which for fans may be somewhat bittersweet.

But fear not! According to Elite Daily, it turns out there’s more Schitty goodness available on the Schitt’s Creek YouTube channel in the form of a web series called “Inside Schitt’s Creek.”

The web series features tons of little vignettes from around the town of Schitt’s Creek, like a house tour hosted by everyone’s favorite frosted-hair neighbor, Jocelyn Schitt.

An extremely honest review of the Schitt’s Creek Motel by David and Stevie.

And a tour of Moira Rose’s extensive wig collection.

The best thing about these shorts is that they use interviews to bring in the improvised, mockumentary feel of films like Best In Show that actors like Levy and O’Hara are famous for. 

Plus it’s simply more Moira, more David, more Alexis, and (oh yes) more Roland Schitt for you to enjoy.

There are “Inside Schitt’s Creek” episodes for at least 4 seasons of the show and you can watch the entire web series on Youtube.

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