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‘Who Is Wrongly Portrayed As A Hero?’—17 Of The Best Replies

The struggle between a hero and their enemy is a main cultural narrative. Almost any movie or book plots hinge on this struggle — but what if after some time, you start to see that the hero is actually…not that heroic?

That the Road Runner is actually a massive a**hole? That PT Barnum exploited disabled people? And of course, that Thomas Edison was more of a cutthroat businessman than an innovative inventor.

People on Reddit are sharing their opinions regarding folks wrongly portrayed as heroes — and maybe you’ll start to rethink who deserves to be regarded as a hero.


“The Map from Dora. Say what you want but that lil mf is working with Swiper. How does he always know where Dora is or where she’s going???” — stephen4131


“Greg Heffley from Diary of A Wimpy Kid.” — OriginalEnding


“People who post in r/MadeMeSmile about their own good deeds, which are actually just basic acts of human decency. Saw one recently, ‘Found this blank check. I really needed the money, but I found the owner and gave it back.’ Great congrats dude, you didn’t STEAL, which is something people are capable of avoiding everyday.” — akeBuseySpaceMovie


“Carrie Bradshaw is a horrible friend, a manipulative and flaky partner, and a deeply irresponsible person all around.” — tinyhistorian


“Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk. He breaks into the giants house, steals his treasure, then kills him when the giant tries to get his gold back…” — RealisticBug5646


“Glinda the ‘good witch.’ She murdered the witch of the East, stole her shoes, and gave them to Dorothy. She then tells Dorothy that if she wants to get home, she should go see the Wizard. After the wizard is revealed as a fraud, Glinda shows up and is all like ‘You could’ve gone home any time you like by clicking your heels together.'” — Pirate_Green_Beard


“Zeus. He raped so many innocent women. Meanwhile Hades was a really good guy, but in the movie Hercules, Hades was the bad guy and Zeus was the good guy.” — Thedarknight725


“Jerry from Tom and Jerry.” — Shroax


“The Road Runner, that arrogant little MFer.” — TheGreatCornolio682


“Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) in Mama Mia. What kind of sociopathic prick invites 3x of her mother’s ex lovers to her mother’s hotel on the eve of her wedding, without telling her, to try and force a situation where her real father will be revealed? Then she f*cking bails on the whole wedding anyway to go traveling around the world. If I was a wedding guest having forked out thousands to get there for a non-wedding I’d be livid.” — GreyFoxNinjaFan


“J. Edgar Hoover. Anything but a hero but FBI headquarters is named after him.” — LivingStCelestine


“PT Barnum exploited marginalized people and was not the hero portrayed in The Greatest Showman.” — jubybear


“Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell!” — 360Entertainment


“Thomas Edison.” — shmulick


“Significant amounts of people think that Walter White was a hero who was willing to go to extremes to provide for his family, completely ignoring the countless outs he had and the fact that he literally admits it was all about his hubris in the finale.” — Dash_Harber


“Andrew Jackson. Violates the constitution. Defies the supreme court. Massacres the native American populace by relocating them via the trail of tears. Gets put on the $20 bill.” — manic_misfit


“John Lennon.” — Marmalade_flesh_

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