Weezer Covered ‘No Scrubs’ On Their New Album And You Should Hear It

Every music lover knows that anytime an artist covers another artist’s work things get a little controversial. There’s always going to be people who hate the new take on their favorite track and then there will be people who love the cover almost as much (if not more) than the original. There’s hardly ever any in between.

So, when the band Weezer released their latest album Thursday morning featuring a variety of iconic covers, it came as no surprise that people had their opinions right away. One track in particular, though, is getting far more attention than the others and we’re not too sure how to feel about it. 

ICYMI: Weezer just dropped a brand new album titled The Teal Album that features covers of some of the most iconic tracks in music history. 

Here’s the full Spotify tracklist: 

You might be surprised to see one of these tracks is the 90s hit “No Scrubs” originally made famous by none other than TLC. 

Go ahead, give it a listen…

Amazing right?

Twitter is positively shook.  

But the band’s reasoning behind this particular cover is probably the best part.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a huge fan. 


Some people were actually angry about the cover. 


And this guy even tweeted at Chilli, one of the original TLC members to get her take on the track. 


To which she replied:


At least they have the official stamp of approval and tbh, we’re here for it too.