20 Absolute Failures of Interior Design

It’s so satisfying when your home looks exactly how you want it, right? You have the right decor, the right layout—just perfect.

So we have to wonder how these 20 people are feeling because.. my god, just look at these atrocities. From terrible floorplans to actual legit WTF-is-that-no-please home decor, please recoil viciously with me as you scroll.

1. Welcome to my bathroom

horrigan Reddit

2. This layout

 u/sithadmin  Reddit

3. Glass?

u/Satsugai-Seyo Reddit

4. Kitchen toilets

u/tommy116165  Reddit

5. More kitchen toilets

 u/SkyeAuroline Reddit

6. O..utside? ish?

 u/Aaod Reddit

7. Just gross

 u/BlueRhinos  Reddit

8. Random closet

u/RussiannTaco  Reddit

9. Shower in the kitchen

 u/oioliv  Reddit

10. WTF is that fridge doing? Levitating?

 u/hwhouston517  Reddit

11. Soft cabinetry

u/DarbyCrashLanding Reddit


 u/flytraphippie  Reddit

13. Great gift for army families

u/AristonD  Reddit

14. Soooo, tile?

u/flytraphippie Reddit

15. And here’s the kitchen!

 u/stvnt  Reddit

16. Please enjoy this brain teaser of a shower.

u/hwhouston517 Reddit

17. Forget pools. PLANTS.

u/frank_-_horrigan  Reddit

18. Two toilets! Luxury!

 u/msheets75  Reddit

19. Floating fridge

 u/VeryGreedy Reddit

20. Open floor plan bathroom

 u/frank_-_horrigan Reddit