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19 Boomers Who Got Dragged So Hard They Should Probably Delete Their Accounts (If They Knew How)

I’m not a big fan of intergenerational whining about each other. Every age group acts like they’re the first ones to ever have issues with their predecessors or children and this fight has been going on for literal centuries. Dawn of time sh*t.

That all said, sometimes it’s pretty funny to read about one group getting totally owned by another. So here I have gathered some excellent clapbacks from millennials aimed at their boomer counterparts.

1. OK Boomer

Facebook / Anonymous

2. None of these things make sense

Twitter / Anonymous

3. Gross, baseball team

4. Zing on Gingrich

Twitter: @krangtnelson

5. Nope. We did not.

6. Things change

Twitter: @imbladebrown

7. Who decided to cut it?

8. Yeah, well…

Twitter: @kellyblaus

9. We don’t have a choice!

Twitter: @welplookathim

10. It’s not fair. Get over it.

Twitter / Anonymous

11. Boomers ruined it

12. I mean, I don’t understand though?

13. Seems kinder

14. Genetics

15. They RAISED US

16. Cool it, Debra

17. …What!

18. Handy? No. Emotional? Yeah.

19. Imagine