Boss Sends Crazy Email Demanding Workers Give 3 Months’ Notice With Reduced Pay After Three People Quit At Once

The entitlement so many bosses and companies feel to their employees’ time and unwavering loyalty never ceases to be astounding.


And yet another post coming out of Reddit’s Antiwork forum is reminding people that there’s no reason to put up with that — they need employees more than employees need them.

u/notsatans shared an email she received from a supervisor who went on a rampage after three employees submitted their two weeks’ notice on the same day.

“All 3 of you claimed it was because of a ‘better opportunity not even thinking about the fact that some of your coworkers have lives outside of this job and CHILDREN,” he wrote, clueing everyone into what a ride this is going to be.

The general theme of the whole email was that quitting a job — with notice — is selfish and inconvenient for him and their coworkers. He specifically cites how he had to spend the weekend posting job listings online rather than going to his children’s band recital. Why he didn’t just wait until Monday is unclear.

It was also initially unclear how this would cause problems for the other employees, but the supervisor quickly demonstrated that he intended to make it their problem.

“The new rule in our employee handbook will be updated to now requiring a 3 months notice since that’s how long it took to train you,” he said. “You will give 3 months’ notice and train your replacement in the meantime, and your 3 months’ notice will serve as your consent for your base pay to be lowered by $6/hour. Since you will be leaving your reduction in pay should be no issue.”

He also wrote that any employees upset about the change can “thank your insubordinates for this” and “for the extra 30 hours of overtime per week you will be assigned to until I find new hires and they are fully trained.”

The tweet (scroll to see full image):

Although the original poster wasn’t one of the three employees who gave notice and prompted this tirade, she has since noted that she plans on finishing out the week and has already initiated the process of switching to a different team within the company.

She also confirmed that the company does pay reasonably well and offers decent benefits, but sometimes people just have their reasons for quitting a job. It seems logical to assume dealing with a supervisor like this doesn’t help.


Although she says her coworkers are split in regards to what they personally plan to do, people on social media had no problems making their opinions known.

Unsurprisingly, the Redditor said in an update post that two of the three employees who had quit simply stopped showing up to work. The supervisor himself hasn’t been in yet (hmm) but one can only imagine he won’t be happy about suddenly finding himself even more short-staffed.

Good job, guy!