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People Are Laughing At This Botched “Potato Head” Art Restoration

A Spanish art restoration is being referred to as “The Potato Head of Palencia,” thanks to a botched job on a façade. Spain is notorious for botched art restorations and The Potato Head of Palencia is just another one added to the country’s list.

Most famously, Cecilia Giménez attempted to restore a painting in 2012 that took the internet by storm. Named “Ecce Mono” (“Behold the Monkey”) for its primate-like appearance, the restoration went viral and even ended up making the painting a major tourist attraction, with the region seeing around 16,000 visitors a year.

Apparently, botched art restorations happen frequently in Spain because Spanish law allows amateurs to repair historic pieces. Um, excuse me?

And you know what? Spain’s lax restoration laws are making for some good entertainment around the world.

Look how much fun people are having with it!

Thank you, Spain!

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