16 People Who Broke Wedding Law By Dressing Like The Bride

11. I Think The Bride Is Holding The Bouquet, But Hard To Be Sure


12. Just A Guest


13. “The Only Color That Looks Good On Her”

“When I got married this spring my MIL went to a designer and got a custom made white dress for my wedding. Yep. She could literally have chosen any other colour. My SIL, BIL and FIL, bless them, tried to change her mind but were told it is ‘the only colour that looks good on her.’ Closer to the date she told me to not worry she got a purple shawl for pictures so that we would not clash. Cringe. Just for pictures though. Also will mention that it was a similar cut to mine…Her dress cost way more than mine also (not a big deal but she kept mentioning how much she paid) and all she kept saying was that not wearing white was also old fashioned. So I had to spend a lot time that day explaining this to many horrified guests. Still had an absolutely fabulous time though.” — Mulchdiggumz

14. When Your Sister-In-Law Wears A White Dress

“Before we got married she showed OH and I a white dress and asked if she could wear it. I said no. She said it was silver (it was white) and went on and on about how much it had cost. I said no. SIL is very beautiful and I am just not. I didn’t want to be compared to her on my wedding day. I spoke to my OH several times in the run up to the wedding worrying that she would wear it and he assured me she wouldn’t…Well, you know what’s going to happen. First time I saw her was when she stood up to do a reading. She was wearing the dress with a wrap over it. Still now, I can’t believe that she’d do that to me, and at the time I was so hurt and upset that it ruined my vows.” — mamahugsforall

15. Aunt Of The Bride

16. “You Need To Get Over It”

“Day of wedding, while SIL is getting ready, in walks MIL in basically a wedding gown. It was a white full length dress with a small train. SIL has meltdown, tries to make her change clothes, MIL refuses – somehow makes herself the victim in this situation – and SIL is made to concede. MIL walked into the chapel right before the bride and her father (and right after the bridesmaids) as if it was her wedding. She then took her seat in the front row. Is this a thing? I’ve attended and been in many weddings but I have never seen a mother of the bride do this. I’ve seen MoB walk the bride down the aisle, but never walked before her. After the ceremony, you could see how upset SIL is, but her father tries to ‘smooth things over’ saying, ‘You know how your mother is. You need to get over it.'” — quarantinethoughts

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