And I Would’ve Gotten Away With It Too, If It Weren’t For You Meddling Commenters (25 Pics)

The internet is a whole world of wisdom at our fingertips and thankfully, we mostly use it for dragging one another on social media.

If someone is making up stuff on the internet, they deserve to be publicly shamed for it.

These people got exactly what they had coming to them.

1. In fairness, this guy might not know how mirrors work.

Via: Aaron Garcia

2. Well she’s an orthopedic graphic designer

3. but it’s only *half* the chicken and *half* the steak?

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Via: Reddit

5. Don’t underestimate how much time celebs spend on Twitter

Via: Twitter

Via: Twitter

6. At the end of the day, he was still a good boy

Via: killersayshi

7.  Seth Rogan does not care about your clout

8. Presidential facts are their Kryptonite


Via: jaytix1

10. Then he said “Catch Flights, Not Feelings”

Via: Satirical-Intent

11. I was tipped off when they were excited that 30 people invited themselves over

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12. He nailed this but this idiot still fumbles and says “sagetti” everytime

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13. Interns have such a good life of fighting with other interns on twitter

14.  Hiking is a flexible term, Carly.

Via: Twitter
Via: Twitter

15. Which is exactly why I’m bragging about it CAL.

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16. I’m tired of having to be so politically correct all the time!

17. Rest In Pain

18. Jet Fuel Doesn’t Melt Stuff With Crosses On It!!!

Via: thekennyscott

19. He also told his mother she was very smart

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20. The hookup manager’s office is incredibly slippery and all the pipes are broken

Via: peanutbutterpandapuf

21. Well mom it sounds like you bought him a car, not a truck so who’s the idiot now?

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22. Man, I feel like if a child bride wanted to yell for a while they kinda earned it ya know?

Via: @EZGames69

23. Once again, trying to SILENCE the right-wing!

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24. Ready to defend young women til my last brain cell

25. Sometime on komputer mistake happen

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