College Professors Are Sharing Stories About Their Dumbest, Most Clueless Students (15 Stories)


“As a tutor, I worked with a guy who insisted on quoting himself as a credible source once. I made the obligatory statement that if he hadn’t written a book or article, he couldn’t do that. He did it anyway. Never saw him again.”



“Not a professor but in undergrad I was taking an American history course. Our professor was from Maryland and was probably in her early forties. This kid asked her if she was one of the pearl harbor survivors. He couldn’t grasp the fact that she was very much not alive at that time and that Pearl Harbor was not a harbor in Maryland.”



“My wife has had multiple students who are fundamentally technologically illiterate. Numerous students have had no idea how to use Word or Excel–including one who used their email as a word processor (the University provides students with Office). There have also been students who struggle with installing programs on computers. What’s disconcerting is it’s becoming an increasingly common issue–as an older millennial, the idea that kids are becoming less technologically proficient is so bizarre.”



“When I was I high school they decided to teach music theory to all the band, orchestra, and choir kids. We all took a music theory placement exam and on the reading music section, one of the choir girls raised her hand and asked ‘are the little b’s next to the notes important?'”



“I taught English as a Second Language at a community college for a decade. My colleagues and I were pretty tough on the academics, but it paid off when our students started regular classes. Often I ran into my former students around campus & asked them how things were going. I lost count of the number of times they expressed disbelief at how badly their native-speaking American classmates were at writing sentences, doing math, and giving presentations in front of a group.”


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