24 Grown-Ass Humans Who Made Healthcare Workers Shake Their Heads In Disbelief

While doctors train for years to gain in-depth knowledge about the intricate workings of the human body, there are some things that we should all know about maintaining our health because they’re just basic common sense. Smoking is bad for you, you shouldn’t live on Snickers bars, maybe do some exercise now and then for starters.

However, it seems some people just aren’t into the whole thinking thing if a recent Reddit thread is any indication. The answers to an /r/AskReddit thread entitled “Redditors in healthcare – what is something you never thought you would have to tell another grown ass human?” got over 12,000 comments and some of the revelations are just shocking. 


“Nurse here. The number of people I’ve had to tell to not drink or to stop drinking their urine is surprising.” – Dakipa


“You’re 22 – wash your dick.” – Nickrosis


“My wife is an x-ray tech, and the advice she dispenses most often is ‘if it doesn’t have a handle, don’t stick it up your ass.’ To be fair, she can’t legally give medical advice, but that’s some good general advice, right there.” – MjolnirPants


“Yes, you smoking in your house is likely making your kid’s asthma worse.” – BruteSquad610


“A couple instances come to mind.

1) Don’t have sex 6 hours after you delivered a baby.

2) Coffee creamer is not the same as infant formula. Please do not feed your day old newborn International Delight.

3) Probiotics are different from antibiotics. Probiotics do not cure syphilis. – Kaclassen


“I know you are trying to help but you don’t do CPR on someone who is actively telling you to stop between compressions.” – Cl1mb3r


“Jumping from a first floor balcony onto an alfresco dining shade umbrella below will not make you bounce up and down like you are on a trampoline. Instead your 100kg body will simply crash through the fabric onto the footpath below and break both your arms. You will not impress the ladies with this, like you originally intended – and besides, what exactly is a semi-obese man in his forties still doing trying to impress women like that?

(What I actually said to him, which encapsulated all of the above, was ”what part of you thought it was a good idea?”, followed by ”and remind me how old you are again?”).” – OkeyDoke47


“No. I cannot tell the race of your baby on ultrasound. You’ll have to wait until birth to have an awkward conversation with one of your boyfriends.” – sutherbb36


“I was waiting to get my colonoscopy done a couple of years ago and they were asking the lady in the next station if she’d fasted. They went through all the questions and double checked that she had fasted, then after confirming, almost as an aside she throws in that she had oatmeal for breakfast that morning.

Nurse: Ma’am, fasting means you can’t eat anything before the exam.

Lady: I know. But I always have oatmeal for breakfast.

Nurse: I understand. But you can’t eat before this exam. The doctor has to look at your digestive system.

Lady: But oatmeal is good for digestion.

Nurse: You can’t eat anything before this exam. You have to be completely fasted so he can look at your intestines.

Lady: But I always have oatmeal for breakfast.” – PerilousAli


“Children’s oral antibiotics prescribed for ear infections (which are usually pink, sweet, fruit flavored liquids), are meant to be delivered into the mouth and NOT directly into the ear canal.

Yes. This happens. More often than you can imagine.” – Contrariwise2