Just 50 Hilariously Bad Fails From 2020

It’s funny when people fail. I even laugh when I fail, if the situation is bad enough. 2020, sadly, was a year when many failures carried dire consequences. These are not those fails. In fact, these are such petty failures, it’s hard not to laugh.

Why is it so hilarious when bad things happen to good people? I kid, of course. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a good person. It’s right there in the Good Book. By “Good Book,” I’m referring to Charles Bukowski’s Post Office, of course. It’s pretty bleak. And hilarious. LOL. We have fun. All right, lighten up. We’re here to laugh at people having a worse day than you. Funny video fails of people falling over, funny fails in picture form. No one was seriously injured (that I know of). These are people who tried this year but still failed.

Please enjoy some hilariously bad fails from 2020:

1. Blake Lively took touching up photos to the next level by drawing shoes on herself. 

via Instagram
via Instagram

2. You’re not supposed to get them wet. That includes leaving them out in the rain.

gizmo cake melted, funny fails 2020
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3. Drunk children of the corn.

4. As close as you can get, really.

asking if a girl loves you like a stepbrother fail, texting gone wrong, funny fails 2020
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5. Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Cake Boss himself.


♬ Potential Breakup Song – Aly & AJ

6. The danger makes it more fun.

7. No, you don’t need to worry.

8. I’m somewhat of a chef myself.

9. The sticker is there to say “good job.”

10. An open and shut case.

Dan Wilbur

Dan is a author, blogger and stand-up comedian.