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People Are Sharing The Revolting Thanksgiving Sides Their Family Won’t Stop Making (18 “Recipes”)

Lots of folks dream about the delicious meals served on Thanksgiving Day, but not I. I know better—and now you will too. Once you see this utterly gross Thanksgiving food, you will race to the nearest pizzeria for the most comforting slice imaginable. 

I’m just kidding, though these Thanksgiving recipes are pretty horrendous. But let’s celebrate Thanksgiving creativity instead of Thanksgiving cruelty. Let’s rebrand by designating Thanksgiving a day where people come up with most wackadoodle dishes they can imagine and just laugh about them. And thank each other. For being weird. 

That’s kind of what this viral twitter thread is about. Laughing with horror at the evolution of what was considered “fancy” or “delicious” food. You know someone’s going to laugh about our kale salads today. I already am. 

gross thanksgiving food

Enjoy this list of atrocious and gross Thanksgiving food made with love. May your Thanksgiving meals this year be batsh**t crazy. 

1. This Green Blob

2. Pear “Salad” With Iceberg Lettuce

3. Cream Cheese With Shrimp?

4. Boiled Eggs Smothered In Campbell’s tomato soup

5. Meatballs By Way Of Welch’s Grape Gelly 

6. “Ambrosia Salad”

7. Canned Tuna With…Things

8. Bologna Cake 

9. An “Ungodly Frittata” 

10. Magic Tomato Soup Cake