controversial food opinions

People On Twitter Are Sharing Their “Controversial” Food Opinions (37 Tweets)

Hot takes are the currency of the Internet, and they’re especially loved on Twitter. You can get a lot of followers by tweeting something “problematic” or “troll-like,” because people will either agree with you or quote-tweet you with a dunk. This is especially true when it comes to food and particularly controversial food opinions.

It’s a big mess. Hot takes are very appealing because they’re essentially opinions and everyone has terrible opinions they want to share. The quest for engagement and the love of hot takes has led to a number of tweets in the past few weeks that ask for “controversial opinions.”

One of the biggest ones came from Twitter user Jon Becker, who straight up asked people to quote-tweet him with their “most controversial food opinion,” because he loves them. Does he? Or does he love notifications?

Many people responded because everyone has thoughts about food. Demanding the food opinion be controversial added a bit of an edge to the whole experiment because as Twitter user @SouthrnGothHick pointed out, these sorts of opinions are often coming from xenophobes who don’t enjoy food from different cultures. Becker had given them all an opportunity to be super racist:

Which they immediately took, like the dude who said we’re all “pretending” to like Indian food.

But many of the tweets were much more neutral, even if they were still technically controversial, or unpopular. If you can manage to not be a total tool, it is fun to debate certain aspects of food we don’t think about much, or DO think about a lot and have no one to talk about it with. Scroll through below and see if there are any that make your blood boil.





controversial food opinions





controversial food opinions