Bride Allegedly Calls Off Wedding Because “Groom’s Best Man Isn’t Tall Or Hot Enough For Pics”

Weddings are stressful, so there are a lot of stories about brides and grooms who go low key nuts around their big day out there.

But this one originally post to Reddit by thefaehost might take the cake for containing so many WTF?! moments in it.

First of all, the original post on subreddit r/weddingshaming had been deleted, and it seems the OP’s account has as well. But The Daily Mail managed to save the Facebook screenshot that was originally shared. The screenshot shows a wild post from a bride-to-be which is a total roller coaster ride. Buckle up.

It begins, “WARNING: RANT AHEAD” and gets better from there:

“I’m getting married next Saturday, the 16th! All of my bridesmaids are gorgeous and honestly, I can’t imagine having better-looking friends. My issue is my fiance’s best man. He’s only 5ft 3′ so he will look ridiculous escorting my sister down the aisle. He is homely as well. Unibrow and crooked teeth. One of those really big smiles that shows his teeth and 10ft of gum too.”

“I asked my future husband if he could be at the end of the line of men in all pictures and during the ceremony. That way he can be cropped out or avoided in photos. It would make him have to pick another best man. He won’t do it because his friend spent $10k on his bachelor party weekend. I don’t particularly care and if he decides that his gift depends on his placement in the wedding party I don’t think he’s a good friend anyway.”

“I’m crying and so upset that my fiance said he wouldn’t move him… I’m so insanely upset and told him I’m calling off the wedding. I just need some support from fellow women who know how stressful it is to pull off a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing wedding day.”

Oh. My. God.


There’s so much to unpack here. I’m gonna start with one of the smaller things, which is $10,000 on a bachelor party? Is his friend a millionaire?? How many strippers does that even buy? Dude, do not dump this friend, he seems to be willing to invest more in your than your fiancée.

Okay, now on to the bride. It’s pretty wild that her main objective on her wedding day is for everything to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s nice to have a beautiful day for the pics, especially if you’re dropping a lot of money on it. Since the bachelor party was 10k, the wedding was probably like five billion dollars, at a rough estimate. But no one in their right mind thinks that ugly family members and friends should be excluded from the wedding memories for aesthetic reasons.

And yet a bunch of commenters on the FB post were supposedly supportive.

One wrote, “Eww honestly, nothing worse than seeing a hobbit/troll in a wedding party,” another added, “‘Husband should marry his best man. They have a healthier relationship.”

I guess people tend to attract friends who are like them: beautiful on the outside, ugly as hell on the inside. The groom had a narrow escape.

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