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Puma’s Newest Sneaker Gets Roasted For Looking Like Hitler

Puma, the shoe company in direct competition with Crocs for making the world’s ugliest sneakers, has outdone themselves. Now they’ve made an Adolph Hitler shoe. While Hitler wasn’t the ugliest man to ever live physically, he was (I’m not afraid to say it!) a pretty bad person on the inside. He’s not a person you should emulate, even if you are a shoe. Many people are pointing out that the German company (did you know those shoes were made in Germany? It makes the whole thing even more uncomfortable) likely designed the shoe this way as a publicity stunt.

Let’s have a look at Puma’s Hitler shoe…

Puma’s newest design:

via Puma

Well, those don’t seem so bad, wait a minute:

via Puma

My God, Puma. What the hell? Why? 

Can you see it now? Yep. These shoes look like the Führer all right. Thankfully, they only resemble the genocidal maniac when you’re looking down at them… You know, the angle you usually see your shoes from? Ah, they tried to make a superior sneaker and failed.

Dang. I loved a good Puma sandal back in the day, the animal logo doing more physical exercise than I’d ever do in the shoes myself. Now, I have to become an Adidas man. I’m not alone. 

Here are people who saw the Puma Hitler shoe and had to roast the company:








More pictures you wish you could unsee: