“This Claim Is Disputed” Memes Explode On Twitter (23 Memes)

Donald Trump uses Twitter however he wants and Twitter does virtually nothing to stop him. During the lead-up to the election, they began slapping a few content warnings on his tweets alleging mail-in voting is bad and leads to fraud—because it’s not true! But Republicans don’t like mail-in voting because it’s harder for them to disenfranchise voters that way. They can’t send broken voting machines to Democratic districts or intimidate voters at the polls. That’s why they went to all the trouble of sabotaging the USPS.

And they still lost. But Trump won’t accept that and keeps tweeting unhinged things about how he actually won and other dangerous lies to undermine democracy in the United States. Has Twitter stepped in and de-platformed him? No. Have they deleted his tweets? No.

They just wrote, “Multiple sources called this election differently,” under the claim that he won the election over Joe Biden.

On other Trump tweets, Twitter wrote “this claim is disputed” instead of “this is a lie.”

This is all very dark, but out of even the darkest material a meme will emerge and shine. People have been making fun of Twitter’s lukewarm labels and adding them to the disputed claims in their lives. Mostly, they’re disputing feeling good, which is understandable. And funny: