You Mean To Tell Me Influencers Photoshop Their Pictures? (35 Pics)

It’s no secret that most Instagram influencers photoshop their photos. There are apps that make it easy to change your appearance in seconds. Clearly, these people either are new to Photoshop or they were very drunk when they edited them.

1. No armpits, another unachievable beauty standard for women

2. The Dark Lord returned once more

3. Filtering out all the haters

4. This is what I see during sleep paralysis

5. Imagine how fast she is

6. The photoshop is bad but…are those Rasta Mickey ears

7. Nice move, now you have to pay for TWO airplane seats.

8. This girl is number one on the call sheet for the next Bigfoot film

9. Are these eyes taken from a photo of a very beautiful cat

10. Starting a GoFundMe to get her some pants