People Share The Moments They Discovered Someone Was “On Another Level Of Stupid” (20 Posts)

Look, we all say dumb stuff. But have you ever encountered someone who made a statement that was so obviously lacking in any common sense it blew your mind? On Reddit, people are sharing the moments they discovered someone was operating on “another level of stupid” — and honestly, I can’t believe some of these are real, they’re that depressing. Here are twenty of the most mind-boggling


“Dude burned down his convenience store for an insurance claim, and stopped the milk and bread deliveries the day before.” — parsons525


“Going through security and the person says I need to show a different form of ID. I ask why because I gave them my driver’s license. They say I need a US document like a green card or something. I’m a US citizen… then I realized…I explained how District of Columbia is long for DC. Like Washington DC. As in the capital of our country.” — agangofoldwomen


“I got a bad grade in geography in high school, my teacher kept trying to push me and suggested I talk to my parents about it. I told my mom I was failing geography and she said ‘how f*cking stupid can you really be Justin, how do you fail geography it’s just shapes.’ I’ll never forget that one.” — I_Am_Justin_Tyler


“I’m an identical twin, and have been asked all manner of utterly ridiculous questions about it throughout my life. But I think the stupidest was when a girl once asked me ‘do you ever get yourselves mixed up with each other?’ I responded ‘are you asking me if I ever sometimes think I’m my brother?’ she replied, ‘yeah.'” — Rottenox


“The time I watched someone who had missed their exit on the highway stop on the shoulder, back up, turn around, and go up the entrance ramp. I could not f*cking believe it.”  — snickerdoodle–


“I work for Parks Canada in Yoho National Park. I have been asked the question (seriously), ‘Where do you keep the animals at night?’ twice in my career. To this day I still find great joy imagining what they thought was going on each night as we ‘collected’ every large animal in the Parks.” — nakednfamous-


“Back when the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster happened we were discussing how the reactor had failed in a science class. 5 minutes into the conversation a girl piped up and said, ‘I don’t see what the big deal is. Why can’t we just regrow it?’ She thought a nuclear power plant was…a plant.” — BroomStickLegend


“Summer camp counselor made all the kids on a school bus keep the windows up on a hot day because ‘they could feel the Air Conditoning’ coming from the front of the bus. It was so hot and I (maybe 10 years old at the time) had to explain to the 40 year old counselor that the ‘air conditioning’ they were feeling was the wind coming in through the bus drivers open window. She still didn’t believe me. I begged her to ask the bus driver to confirm the bus did not have air conditioning but she didn’t want to bother him while he was driving. It was like a 1 hour bus trip. She finally got hot enough and asked the bus driver if the bus had air conditioning. And he jokingly said, ‘The bus only has air conditioning when the windows are down and the wheels are turning.’ She then looked back at me and said, ‘See? I told you the bus had air conditioning’ and proceeded to force us to keep the windows up.” — AUSpartan37


“Had someone ask me, ‘is Europe on Earth?'” — KenKaneki94


“‘How much is a half dollar worth?’ She was the newest teller my boss hired. Will never forget that moment.” — Onion_Belt