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Women Share The “Dumbest Thing” A Guy Has Said To Them After Sex (20 Posts)

Sometimes, it’s better not to say anything. That goes for post-sex moments, too. Just hang out in silence, hold hands, eat a sandwich together, dream of pulling down Confederate statues. On Reddit, ladies are sharing the absolute stupidest things men have said to them after getting it on—and wow, guys, get your act together. From the clueless to the cruel, here are twenty of the worst things guys said to women after sex. 


“I had sex with a guy I dated for a few months and afterwards he said ‘your vagina is smaller than other vaginas I’ve had sex with.’ I just responded with ‘thanks?’ I wasn’t sure if it was a compliment, criticism, or a mere observation.” — Thunder_Moose25


“I guess you can only fuck so many people before you realize you still hate yourself.” — wouldabeenwolfgang


“He told me, with all the sincerity in the world as some weird compliment: ‘You would make a great single mother.'” — painted_again


“‘Mind if I hit this?’ And then he pulled out a vape pen he’d hidden under the bed. My bed. Specifically for this reason.” — sharknadothree


“I think I miss my ex…” — katz332


“‘Okay are we done?’ I guess he was too afraid to ask whether or not I came and that was his way of doing it.” — larrieuxa


“He didn’t say it, but afterwards he grabbed his phone and went on a tracking app and tracked that he had sex that day.” — seeshawshow


“I was snuggling with my boyfriend in the afterglow and I looked up at him and asked, ‘What are you thinking about?’ Thinking he would say something sweet. This bitch deadass looks down at me and says ‘Mudflaps.'” — Nataface


“‘Hey, don’t tell anyone about last night. I get enough shit for being vegan.’ A phrase that has stuck with me for 10+ years. Not so much ‘dumb’ as just cruel.” — hermeigh


“’I bet I just ROCKED your WORLD.’ (He did not.)” — anamariecb