15 Toy Designs That’ll Make You Say ‘Oh, Umm, Wow, Ok’

The holidays are just around the corner which means parents will soon be hunting down the most popular gifts of the year for their kiddos or picking out something unique and special. At the very least we can hope and pray that no one’s parents are cruel enough to leave any of these deeply disturbing “toys” hidden under the tree. Warning: nightmares are imminent.

15. This Spider-Man that should probably put his uniform back on.

14. A doll that shouldn’t have tried it, not even once.

13. This Power Rangers toy that desperately needs a new name.

12. A piece of bread that looks like 💩.

11. This wildly inappropriate squishy toy.

10. An arctic fox that has really seen some things.

9. An unfortunately designed battery pack holder.

8. This ice cream truck that sells children.

7. A Sandy Cheeks doll possessed by the devil himself.

6. This Hermione Granger action figure that looks like it’s been exposed to the elements for too long.