Woman Turns Green After Mixing Multiple Fake Tanners

A woman in the UK was a bit overzealous with her fake tanning routine. The result? Her skin looked less like it was kissed by the sun and more like it was kissed by a creature from the black lagoon. 

BobbieJo Houston, a self-proclaimed tanning enthusiast from Blackpool, UK, has been on a quest for the perfect bronze glow for over 15 years. However, her latest experiment in mixing several fake tan brands turned her into a viral TikTok sensation for an unexpected reason.

Tanning enthusiast BobbieJo Houston tried using multiple tanning products at once

It’s giving hate crime.

BobbieJo’s DIY tanning mix included products from Bondi Sands, St. Moriz, St. Tropez, various bronzing oils, and even a product endorsed by Love Island’s Molly Mae. 


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At first, BobbieJo looked like an ill-conceived Jimmy Kimmel sketch. But she reassured herself that it would lighten a few shades after a morning shower. So she laid down a heap of towels and went to bed, hoping for the best.

In the morning she gave her chemical-coated body a good wash…

I guess that’s better??

Taking to TikTok, BobbieJo shared her tanning misadventure, which quickly went viral with 1.7 million views. She humorously quipped in her video, “My teeth are like a filter,” referencing the stark contrast between her bright teeth and her increasingly green complexion.

What was meant to be a quest for the perfect tan had turned her into what she described as “coffee green,” amusingly noting she was getting “greener by the hour.”

“I’m sleeping with a couple of towels,” she says.

“I’m praying it’s not a tinge of green still. In the light, it’s khaki green. You can’t see my eyebrows at all.”

Her bizarre complexion made BobbieJo afraid to leave her house

As BobbieJo documented her progression, she couldn’t help but express her confusion and surprise: “I’ve been doing tan for over 15 years, I don’t know what’s going on.”

The situation grew more comical as BobbieJo prepared for a special outing. “We’ve got the most beautiful day planned, afternoon tea, it’s on a cruise ship,” she explained, worried about the reactions she might receive from the older attendees. “A lot of the people will be 70 plus, can you imagine when they see me?” 


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Despite the unintended green hue, BobbieJo remained upbeat about the results, especially after the initial shock wore off. By the end of her videos, she admitted, “Apart from my hands, it’s actually ok.”

Her video sparked a flood of comments and reactions across social media

BobbieJo handled the mishap with grace and humor, earning her some love from online commenters. However, not everyone was sympathetic.

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