27 Times Celebrities Got Roasted For Their Photoshop Fails

21. Fans think Kylie is doing a little manipulating in this photo.

Seeing as how editing photos you post of yourself seems to run in her blood I can’t put this one past her. It’s not as blatant as some of the other Photoshop fails but I can definitely see some manipulation going on here.

22. Something fishy about Britney’s lower back.

The arch in Britney’s back looks pretty suspicious, I mean that and the fact you can see the water and no concrete pool edge anymore.

23. Kim was doing a little touching up to her neck and hair.

Kim is doing some very obvious touching editing to this picture of Kanye and herself. She obviously touched up her neck and even removed some of her hair that wasn’t behaving the way she wanted.

24. Miranda Kerr doesn’t seem to think she is thin enough.

I guess being universally considered one of the best-looking people on earth isn’t enough? Making millions because you have an out of this world body doesn’t do it for you Miranda? For some reason, she found it necessary to alter this picture of herself.

25. Beyoncé was botching some gap work again.

I bet Beyoncé has an unreal putting game; I’m pretty sure it’s here Photoshop skills that aren’t up to par. What’s going on with your leg, girl?

26. Is that Martha Hunt’s elbow all the way over there?

Now, this just baffles me; this is supposed to be a professionally taken photo. Is that just a strange angle? Or did this girl’s elbow somehow get photoshopped all the way over there? So intrigued.

27. Fans think Miranda’s bookshelf looks to be at a funny angle.

Since Miranda caught heat from her last Photoshop fiasco fans, she has been checking out her pictures extra closely. In this photo fans believe that the bookshelf behind her seems to be at an impossible angle, I’m just not sure. What do you think?

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