You Can Add “Cooking Steak On An Airplane Toilet” To The List Of Viral Cursed Food TikToks

A couple weeks ago, a TikTok user cooked steaks in a toaster and people were outraged. Well, we were living in simpler times then because this TikTok user just shared a video of them cooking a steak on an airplane toilet. Hooray for innovation.

The video went viral quickly, with thousands commenting on its yuck factor. Within 24 hours, it was confirmed by Simple Flying that the video was a prank by serial prank artist Marcus Monroe. It was taken down by Monroe, however, the internet never forgets and the video is still circulating social media.

The video is introduced with a caption that says “They don’t have hot meals anymore on airplanes, so I came up with a solution.” The solution? Lighting a fire in the airplane toilet and cooking a steak.

Of course, there were a lot of reactions.

People who weren’t aware of the prank were rightfully shocked.

Southwest Airlines’ social media manager Austin even had an opinion on the matter.

Most importantly, though, is that people pointed out how dangerous the stunt was — real or fake. We have enough problems already, we do not need people getting ideas.

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