TikTok Of Man Pranking His Wife With “A Car She Didn’t Want” Goes Viral

I’m not a fan of pranks. I hate April Fool’s Day. But I guess if there was any reason to pull a prank, it’s to surprise someone you love with something really thoughtful.

In a viral TikTok video making the rounds on social media, that’s exactly what happens. 

In the video, we enter a family room where a mom in typical mom-caring-for-baby clothing is cleaning up or attempting to clean up some toys while balancing the baby on her hip. “Pranking my wife with a car she didn’t want,” the caption reads. Then hear the husband tell her to hurry and get outside where “all the cars are.” 

But instead of this woman’s dream car, a red Corolla is waiting for her outside the gate of their complex. The woman’s face visibly drops with disappointment as the caption lets us know the family recently sold her Prius to save up for an SUV—and this car is certainly not an SUV. 

Then he asks why the lights on another car are flickering, and we see the realization occur—THAT PORSCHE is the actual new car. And the way she grabs those keys—go get it! 

The video has over 381k likes and 60k retweets, with folks praising the joke but others commenting on whether the Porsche was a good use of money. 

I’m sure the new car owners don’t care and will be very happy driving their Porsche and living in their apartment complex.

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