YouTuber Slammed For “Pranking” Girlfriend By Dying Her Blue

We should all agree that pranks are the absolute worst since they depend on betraying the trust of people who care about you and are also so extremely 2003. The cast of Jackass has even moved on from pranks. They all have bad backs now. It’s unbelievable people still try to monetize being a**holes online and then laughing loudly, but they do. Like that guy who spilled cereal all over a subway car during a pandemic. Who watches that and thinks, “Awesome!”?

There must be a fair number of people who do, because YouTuber Kristen Hamby still has an audience, though now he’s moved on to doing TikToks. His latest stunt is getting heavily critiqued after being post to Twitter by @juustmolls, who wrote, “i don’t find this funny at all omg.”

In the clip, he sabotages a bubble bath his girlfriend is going to sit in by pouring in fabric dye. She comes out “one hour later” dyed blue everywhere below the collarbone. She looks pissed and slams the door in his face after confronting him. He laughs a dead-eyed laugh into the camera about it and then later films her looking upset in clothes with blue arms and legs.

People started arguing about whether or not the video could be considered “abuse,” since a lot could have gone wrong. She could be allergic to the dye, this stunt could come at a terrible time, she could be too embarrassed to see friends after, it could take weeks to fade away, and he also took something that was supposed to nice and relaxing and made her permanently wary of it. That sucks.

But it’s also questionable that his girlfriend wasn’t aware of the “prank.” It seems unlikely she’d sit in that tub so long without moving around and noticing something was off. It’s quite possible she was involved and the whole thing is staged.

That’s good for their relationship, I guess, but what’s the joke here?

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