People Are Sharing “Delicious Poor Man’s Meals” (20 Recipes)

Many of us are either having financial difficulty during this time or are food shopping once or twice a week and need those groceries to stretch. Folks have been turning to cookbooks and food bloggers for advice on simple, budget-friendly meals that are also delicious.

In all honesty, you don’t need that many ingredients to make a really yummy meal, and Redditors were more than happy to share their examples of meals you can make without spending a ton of money. Spoiler: The humble-yet-mighty potato fared quite high on this list. 


“Okay as a Russian I am telling you potato is the best food there is, it’s cheap, you can cook it multiple different ways so you will not get tired of it, also it won’t get bad easily(get rotten) my ancestors survived cold winters and wars just by eating potatoes, you can slice it into thin slices and fry it or just boil it with hot water or oven it, bbq it literally everything.” — Ericstan


 “I make ‘hobo dinner’ when I go camping. Ground beef, onions, carrots, potatoes and a bit of garlic. Wrap it in tinfoil (I prefer the non stick kind) and throw it on some coals in your campfire. My friends who have never camped with me are always impressed.” — F_bothparties


“Baked potato with cheese and broccoli on top. Buy a pound of baking potatoes, a block of cheese, and frozen bag of broccoli. It’ll make you at least 3-6 of those. If your’e feeling really crazy, then throw in some chili too. Canned chili for hotdogs works best. it can be as cheap as like, .50 cents.” — oh_sneezeus


“Buttered toast with cinnamon and sugar!” — nan_bananzzz


“Spaghetti with oil and garlic. Quick. Easy. Cheap.” — wishuwerentsoawkwbud


“Fried eggs and toast.” — trinityalper


“Congee. Add rice and lots of water to a pot. Can keep it plain or sprinkle some chicken bouillon powder and fresh ginger slices. Cook until it reaches creamy porridge consistency. Top your bowl with scallions. I make this when I’m feeling sick since it’s easy on the stomach.” — none4gretchen


“Ramen, drained with no broth, with ‘poor man’s Pad Thai sauce.’ Mix a tablespoon of peanut butter into a small ramekin with enough soy sauce and sriracha to be able to thoroughly mix it into a smooth sauce. Dump over the cooked ramen, and baby, you’ve got a stew going.” — deathinactthree


“Serious answer here: get a can of black beans and some cheap salsa. Put the drained beans and some salsa in a skillet and let it cook for like 10 min. Crack a couple eggs and let them poach in the beans. Serve with cheap bread or tortillas.” — CBing13


“Straight up peanut butter. Don’t say you’ve never filled up that way!” — amygunkler