People Are Sharing “Delicious Poor Man’s Meals” (20 Recipes)


“I used to love pork and beans as a kid. Sweet beans and cut up hot dogs lol.” — salamanderfarts


“Cacio e pepe. It’s just spaghetti with a ‘sauce’ you make from reserved pasta water, a shit ton of parmesan, and black pepper. It’s delicious and since the cheese is gonna be melty you don’t need high quality. Just one step above that sawdust shaker cheese.” — kipobaker


“Pancakes.” — MarmottesAplaties


“Poor Man’s Stew. Ground beef, potatoes, and onions. Let the potatoes and onions cook with the already cooked ground beef in a pot of water. Add salt and pepper to taste. Yum.” — thuspuppy


“A grilled cheese sandwich with a side of Campbell’s Bean and Bacon soup.” — codymreese


“Beans on toast with some grated cheese on top.” — armpitknees


“Beans and rice. You can get massive bags of dried rice and beans for pretty cheap at wholesale stores, and a big bag will last you a long time. Add a little butter and some cheap spices, and you’ve got yourself a tasty and healthy meal.” — canyoudont__


“Mac & Cheese with ground beef, taco mix, and baked in a pie plate with bread crumbs and extra cheese on top. It’s just amazing.” — tommygunz007 


“Poor man’s steak…Seasoned hamburger pattie, with sauteed mushrooms, & onions on top.” — jnh1984


“Eggs in a basket. Sometimes called Toad in the hole. Cut out a circle in a piece of bread, toast up in a pan with melted butter, crack an egg in the middle and use the bread remnants to dip in the runny yoke. So so simple but feels fancy.”

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