What’s After Banana Bread? Here are the Rising Baking Recipes in Each State

Thanks to Google Trends, you can discover the most popular quarantine recipes. Or you can look on The Daily Meal since they’ve done the hard work for you. But, what about the most popular baking recipes?

Because, if you’re stuck inside for the foreseeable future, you’re probably wondering what to bake next to take your mind off actually being alone with your thoughts. Because gross.

And, while it’s cool to know that Colorado just wants to eat heaps of egg salad and Florida is getting by thanks to copious pitchers of margaritas, we wanted to know what baking recipes are gaining traction while the coronavirus keeps us all inside. So we did our own research, and here’s what we found among the rising searches.

Popular Baking Recipes

Soon-to-Be-Popular Baking Recipes for Each State

  1. Alabama: Monkey Bread
  2. Alaska: Peanut Butter Cookies
  3. Arizona: Baked Apples
  4. Arkansas: Cinnamon Rolls
  5. California: Dole Whip
  6. Colorado: Cinnamon Rolls
  7. Connecticut: Lemon Meringue Pie
  8. Delaware: Chocolate Chip Cookies
  9. Florida: Dole Whip
  10. Georgia: Blueberry Cobbler
  11. Hawaii: Butter Mochi
  12. Idaho: Sourdough Bread
  13. Illinois: Carrot Cake
  14. Indiana: Key Lime Pie
  15. Iowa: Bread Pudding
  16. Kansas: Rice Krispie Treats
  17. Kentucky: Chess Pie
  18. Louisiana: Sugar Cookies
  19. Maine: Homemade Bread
  20. Maryland: Hummingbird Cake
  21. Massachusetts: Smitten Kitchen’s Banana Bread
  22. Michigan: Dole Whip
  23. Minnesota: Pineapple Upside Down Cake
  24. Mississippi: Easy Peach Cobbler
  25. Missouri: Banana Nut Bread
  26. Montana: Sourdough Pancakes
  27. Nebraska: Bisquick recipes
  28. Nevada: Snickerdoodle Cookies
  29. New Hampshire: Coffee Cake
  30. New Jersey: Funnel Cake
  31. New Mexico: Pancakes
  32. New York: Carrot Cake
  33. North Carolina: Strawberry Pie
  34. North Dakota: Sugar Cookies
  35. Ohio: Rice Krispie Treats
  36. Oklahoma: No-Bake Cheesecake
  37. Oregon: Rhubarb recipes
  38. Pennsylvania: Easter Bread
  39. Rhode Island: French Toast
  40. South Carolina: Dole Whip
  41. South Dakota: Peanut Butter Cookies
  42. Tennessee: Sugar Cookies
  43. Texas: Dole Whip
  44. Utah: Peach Cobbler
  45. Vermont: Banana Bread
  46. Virginia: Doubletree Cookies
  47. Washington: Rhubarb recipes
  48. West Virginia: Brownies
  49. Wisconsin: Dole Whip
  50. Wyoming: Banana Bread

Tell us, what are you baking in quarantine?

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