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31 People Share The Delicious “Struggle Meals” From Their Cultures And Childhoods

With the idea of self-isolating or mandatory quarantine looming, a lot of people are panic buying all sorts of things in anticipation of being inside for a month or more. Since you can’t eat toilet paper, folks are thinking about what they can eat that will keep and be affordable. This is going to be a financially difficult time for a lot of people as entire industries shutter their doors to prevent the spread of the disease.

But we can’t think about the worst of everything all the time, so let’s think about past times of trouble and how folks got through. Comedian and writer Jaboukie Young-White gave everyone a chance to share their family’s food strategies when they were growing up with little money and need for something satisfying and delicious. He called them “struggle meals,” because the struggle is real.

If you ate the chicken’s back you know it:

In my house, it was rice and beans with soy sauce, which definitely feels uninspired after reading these responses. There’s a lot of delicious stuff to try at home here, and be honest: what the hell else is there to do? P.S. Don’t go and buy all the hot dogs in your grocery store, folks. We need to share and care.