coronavirus challenge, tiktok toilet, tiktok lick toilet challenge

TikTok Star Lit Up After Licking Toilet Seat For The “Coronavirus Challenge”

Usually when adults clutch their pearls and say, “Someone think of the children,” it seems silly, but truly, how can we save the children from TikTok challenges? Most of them are just dancing or recreating celebrity videos, but every once in a while you hear about a challenge that sounds as though it was invented specifically to be reported on the local news to freak out boomer parents.

The “coronavirus challenge” is one of those, and it was invented by a TikTok girl named Ava Louise. While it’s since been deleted by TikTok, it’s still up on her Twitter feed.

coronavirus challenge, tiktok toilet, tiktok lick toilet challenge
via Twitter

There are a lot of ways to interpret a “coronavirus challenge” in these times—staying inside to prevent the spread of illness, for example—but Ava Louise decided she wanted to lick an airplane toilet. This would be a bad idea even in the best of times. Right now, it’s clearly a cry for help. Or attention. They’re often one and the same.

In the video, she looks at the camera, licks the toilet, then gives viewers the double peace sign. Peace, y’all.

Maybe Ava Louise did some unseen Clorox wiping before she went to town on that thing, who knows. Even so, her face is very close to a place where people piss and poop and there’s no way around that. She doesn’t seem to have taken any injury form her close encounter….yet. But she is delighting in the attention she’s gotten:

Though, is this the attention anyone wants? People mostly seem disgusted:

Though a few are amused:

Hey, some people would rather be infamous than not famous. If they have to lick a toilet to get there, nothing’s gonna stop them.

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