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“Corona Petri Dish”—Woman’s Video Of Hundreds Partying In Nashville Gets Dragged

The rise of COVID-19 is scary for a lot of reasons, but I’d say the biggest thing freaking me out is how some people think they can party through a virus. This isn’t like a hurricane or tornado that passes through. It makes sense after a natural disaster for people to come together,  show their solidarity, and find ways to celebrate life.

A party doesn’t create more hurricane. It does create more cases of people with a wildly contagious disease. The best way to fight the new coronavirus is to stay home, stay healthy, and slow the spread.

But a certain subset of people is seeing that as a challenge rather than a public health imperative. While NYC and Los Angeles have announced closures of movie theaters, restaurants, and night clubs, some places have not yet grappled with the changing reality.

Someone calling themselves Janna Abraham on Twitter posted a video of what she says is in Nashville, showing the crowd partying to a band this weekend, possibly Sunday night. She captioned it, “Downtown Nashville is undefeated.”

If we’re talking in competition terminology, we’re not seeing a group of people win, we’re seeing them throw their defense down the toilet. COVID-19 isn’t thinking, “Wow, these people are really brave to come and face me like this. Respect.”

It’s not thinking at all. It’s a virus looking for bodies to infect, and even if everyone in that audience is young and healthy, they could contract it and pass it on to someone at home who isn’t. They could take up a hospital bed that leaves somebody else unable to receive treatment. They could never fully recover themselves from serious lung damage. 

But that’s the point everyone is trying to make:

Look, now is the time for caution. The best way to stay undefeated is to stay home and stream some line dancing in the living room.

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