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Jennifer Lopez And Other TikTok Stars Tackle The “Flip The Switch Challenge” (10 Videos)

Another day, another meme. Forget film, television, theatre, and (lol) literature. Today the water-cooler conversation is about memes on TikTok, Twitter, and the like. For better or worse, this is our shared culture now, OK Boomer?

The latest meme sweeping the nation faster than Coronavirus is the so-called “flip the switch” meme, or Flip The Switch Challenge, in which two people in a video do a little dance to the Drake song “Nonstop,” flip a light switch, and then suddenly and comically switch positions/outfits. 

The Flip The Switch Challenge got a major shot in the arm last weekend when Elizabeth Warren and Kate Mckinnon performed it on TikTok after Warren was a guest on Saturday Night Live.

The meme is big on TikTok but the videos often make their way onto Twitter where the hashtag #FlipTheSwitchChallenge was soon trending.

Others quickly hopped on the meme wagon.

This woman and her granny are proof that memes aren’t just for zoomers.

Even celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have gotten in on it.

Of course some of the best examples of the meme involve people going all Freaky Friday with their pets.

Stay tuned for the next viral meme, which should launch by tomorrow.

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