People Are Sharing The “Poverty Meals” They Still Eat When They Don’t Have To (20 Cheap Meals)

Sometimes, the best comfort food is the simplest. I know whenever I’m in need of some extra soothing, a huge dish of pasta with olive oil, pepper, and cheese is the most amazing thing—and it’s not expensive to make, either.

On Reddit, folks are sharing their favorite comfort foods that also happen to be super cheap. No matter where you are on the financial ladder, you can always count on eggs and rice or a cup of Ramen. 


“Grew up poor, but my mom sure knew how to stretch a dollar. She would make steak fingers out of the cheapest cuts she could find. Tenderize, fry them up make gravy out of the drippings and serve with mashed potatoes. The whole meal probably cost less than 5 bucks in 70s dollars, and I’m telling you nothing tasted better. I made it for my kids when they were growing up and they still ask me for it sometimes. She would be 94 today. Love you miss you mom.” — markarlage


“I’m Mexican. For us, it’s usually quesadillas without meat, rice and black beans as the sides.” — LoneWolfTexan


“Boiled potatoes and butter don’t care if I am rich or poor that is my go to snack.” — dapornaddict


“Dal. Aside from tumeric you can buy all the ingredients for less than $2 a pound.” — Spam-Monkey


“’Shit on a shingle?’ Sausage gravy served over toast.” — phenomagasm


“’Ghetto Mac’ it’s where make some pasta and add in whatever you can find in the fridge or cabinets. Cheese, lunch meat, spam, spices, etc. No two meals were ever the same.” — RhondaTheHonda


“Usually ground beef, stewed tomatoes and a can of vegetables in elbow macaroni but my mom had been known to do hot dogs, ham, sausage or just extra veggies. Goulash is traditionally a soup but this was more of a casserole.” — Urithiru


“We used to eat squash and eggs growing up. Grew the squash and eggs are cheap enough, or trade with the neighbors. You just cut the squash into thin round and cook in a pan with a little oil until they’re just soft. Scramble the eggs with the squash, add a bunch of pepper, some salt. Sometimes we ate it over noodles or rice.” — _Not-A-Monkey-Slut_


“Soup boiled down with rice to bulk it up.” — StanMarsh02


“Peanut butter sandwich.” — Thinkpad200