Doctor Says Cockroaches Are In Pre-Ground Coffee Beans And People Are Grossed Out

If you’re currently enjoying a cup of coffee, you may want to put it down for this one. NHS doctor Karan Raj is peeling back the curtain on our favorite morning beverage.

Dr. Raj, who works in the United Kingdom and goes by @dr.karanr on TikTok.

Like many professionals in their fields, Dr. Raj uses TikTok as a way to educate users and position himself as a leader in his field, utilizing the hashtag #SchoolWithDrKaran.

And then there are fun posts like this, where he spills the most embarrassing things he has done as a doctor. WHOOPS.

There’s one post, however, that’s getting attention for some icky reasons.

Dr. Raj ripped the band-aid right off when he stated “Just so you know, if you drink coffee, you’re also consuming cockroaches.”

WELL. You’ve sure got our attention, Dr. Raj. Let’s see where this goes, even though we know it’s not a route we want to take.

Not only are you eating cockroaches, they’re also ground up with the coffee beans. There’s no way to tell which is bean dust and which is cockroach dust.

Also, why’s he gotta taunt us with that little cartoon cockroach? This news isn’t cute!

Dr. Raj says the cockroaches can’t be processed out completely, so to the coffee grinder they go.

As you can imagine, the comments section is bustlin’.

Dr. Raj then advises that anyone who has an allergy to cockroaches should stay away. from ground coffee.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day!!