Fast Food Workers Are Revealing The Nasty Menu Items You Should Probably Skip

We all know fast food is gross, unhealthy, and harmful to the planet. But that only scratches the surface.

Thanks to fast food employees and Reddit, we get to see what’s under the surface. And guess what? It’s bad!

Reddit user Caseykins wanted to know menu items that fast food employees would not eat under any circumstances.

And the post hit a nerve, with thousands of people chiming in with their never-ever-ever menu items.


“Used to work at a small fast food place and during training my manager got mad at me for throwing out slimy corn. She showed me how she would just rinse the slime off in the sink and put it back. I find corn suspicious now.”



“My bro managed a Weinerschnitzel. Unbelievably they catered lunch for a few local high schools. (As did Ameci’s Pizza). The chili wasn’t up to school standard and they had to add more meat to it in order to pass LAUSD code. Of course they used old burgers, dogs, and expired ground beef from the freezer. Bro bluntly told me, ‘Never eat our chili.'”



“I worked at a pizza place that was infested with roaches, especially in the back room where we would leave the pizza dough out to sit. We would also find roaches in the ice maker, in the mechanical parts as well as the ice itself.

If a restaurant has roaches nothing is safe.”



“I was a shift supervisor at a fast food place and years later, I still refuse to eat anything with ice cream in it. The machine we had was always covered in mold and spoiled cream while the owner’s “fix” was to scrape off a layer of mold and spray some clorox on it.”



“Dairy Queen strawberry cheesecake blizzard.

When the cheesecake gets low you’re supposed to fill it up a certain way where the new cheesecake goes on bottom and what’s left of the old stuff is put on top to ensure it’s used first and it all stays fresh. Well let me tell you that shit is like a brick after it’s been in the container long enough, you constantly take it out and put it back so it’s always thawing and refreezing and essentially freezing together. This is why absolutely NO ONE rotates the cheese cake. I once dropped the cheese cake container onto the tile and the chunk in bottom cracked in half and came out…. it had become almost like 98% mold. We’d been using it without rotating it for months.”



“I work at Pizza Hut but honestly it’s all pretty lit I wouldn’t have an issue eating any of it m

Thought I would help you guys realize not everything is sketchy lol”



“Did a month at Golden Corral during my senior year of high school.

Roaches. In. The. Meat. Freezer.

Roaches. In. The. M e a t. F r e e z e r.”



“I worked at a Subway in my senior year of high school. What disturbed me was how the tuna came packaged: in a big metallic bag (to keep it fresh, I guess.) Then when we had to take it out, it would make this squelching noise. And because I made so many subs, completely put me off from eating those sandwiches ever again.”



“Ham on pizza. Worked at pizza hut done time ago and the ham would turn this disgusting gray color within a day or opening the package. You just couldn’t tell if it had been opened 24 his ago or 2 weeks ago. But, during cooking it returned to pink which always weirded me out.”



“Applebee’s; not a damn thing. It’s the only restaurant I’ve worked for I would never eat at.”