Taco Bell Worker Shows How The Beans Are Made And Some People Are Grossed Out

First, it shows the bag the freeze-dried beans come in, and how they get poured into a metal vat:

Dried, the beans do unfortunately resemble bugs:

Then the “cook” gets some hot water out of the heater and pours it in with the beans:

Then they stir, stir, stir, until they have the consistency of refried beans:

More or less. It’s kind of a magical process when you watch it:

@071823abcmCan’t nobody say “ewww’ cuz yall know yall be eating tacobell bean burritos ##voiceeffects ##fyp ##tasty♬ original sound – belia_e_hernandez

Now, I’ve seen the video about how they make McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. If you can keep eating fast food after witnessing that, I doubt some dry beans are going to stop anyone. There were a lot of people on Twitter, where the TikTok was eventually posted, who basically said they’re too grossed out to every touch one of those burritos again:

There were also a lot of people who simply didn’t believe that. They wanted to know what exactly people were expecting from Taco Bell:

So? Would you eat the beans or not eat the beans? For me, it depends on if they’re smothered in cheese.

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