Kraft Is Making Pink Candy-Flavored Mac and Cheese For Valentine’s Day

It’s almost that time of year again, the time when couples try to figure out what to do that isn’t too expensive and still satisfies their obligatory love display, and single people insist that it doesn’t matter one bit: VALENTINE’S DAY!

This is our first V-Day during the pandemic (and please, may it be the last), so going to a restaurant would still be a bad choice.

Save money and make yourself sick at home with this new treat from Kraft. For the holiday, they’re making Candy Mac & Cheese. Pink mac and cheese.


In a press release with Businesswire, the company announced the limited edition pasta as a way to say “you’re the mac to my cheese” to the person you expect to have sex with you. You can’t just buy it in stores, much like love.

To get it, you have to enter their sweepstakes and give up your email and mailing address. A special one thousand people are supposed to receive the boxes of Mac & Cheese plus a candy packet to turn the food pink.

The packet adds a “sweet candy flavor” to the mac. Yum?


All they ask of winners is that they share the bowls of pink pain on social media with the hashtag  #CandyKraftMacandCheese, preferably with a tag for the company. The sweepstakes opened on  January 27th and closes on February 8th at noon. Unfortunately, you must be at least 18 years old to win even though this seems like the kind of dish only a teenager would love.

There were very mixed reactions on Twitter to the idea of eating candy-flavored mac and cheese, whether you have a Valentine or not:

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m intrigued and I’ve entered to win. Watch this space for an update about how I had to get my stomach pumped around 2 am on February 15th.