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Anonymous McDonald’s Worker Is Pranking Diners And Going Viral On TikTok

We have no idea how this TikTok user has kept their job at McDonald’s, but we hope they keep it forever, that’s how much we’re enjoying the absolute chaos happening at this fast food location.

TikTok user @mikky.d0 decided to say “screw it” and film themselves (safely) messing with McDonald’s food orders. It’s a prank that causes little harm, just a lot of unnecessary frustration and confusion.

The first few videos show the employee hilariously adding too many pickles to orders that request extra on their burgers.

Seriously. Nobody should ever want that many pickles, it’s not OK.

This is where mikky.d0 started to gain traction with TikTok users.

The pickle videos began gaining traction, with the first one receiving 7,074 views and the last in the pickle series receiving 13.1K views.

The pranks got a little less harmless when mikky.d0 uploaded a video of a McDonald’s cheeseburger with a hopefully fake bite taken out of it.

The video showed the missing patty chunk, followed by the employee wrapping up the burger.

And then finally, sending it down the line.

This time, the comment section took on a different tune.

The video received 1.8 million views, but only 62.2L likes. That, dear reader, is what we like to call a “bad ratio.”

Seems like mikky.d0 got the memo, because the next prank included a super-small burger patty.

See, THAT is funny.

They then moved onto their next prank: overloading cheeseburgers with McDonald’s tartar sauce.

It’s just… so much sauce!

Last month, though, a horrible accident happened.

The pickles spilled all over the ground.

Guess we’ll just have to wait until McDonald’s gets a new shipment of pickles.