Apparently People Drink Milk With Coke And Twitter Is Having A Debate About It

Another day, another totally bizarre Twitter debate. Today’s point of division comes from the combination of two very different beverages that, in my opinion, should never ever be mixed together.

Apparently, there are people out there who regularly enjoy their Coca-Cola with milk. Yes, MILK and the rest of the sane population is having a really hard time with it.

For anyone who may not know, when you mix coke and milk together, the phosphoric acid in coke causes milk to curdle into little clumps.

It’s pretty nasty.

So, people were understandably alarmed to learn that drinking Milk-Coke is a thing.

It all started when UK based comedy writer James Felton shared a photo of himself enjoying the concoction.


And Twitter was repulsed.

Some people even suggested he was faking his enjoyment of this disgusting mix.

But James provided evidence from both his dad and sister.

Though, there were still a lot of questions like what to do with the curdled parts.

And James always replied.

How do you feel about milk coke??

h/t Twitter