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People Share The Strong Food Opinions They Simply Refuse To Back Down From (20 Posts)

Food is a very personal thing — we all have to, and I mean have to, eat. So, it makes sense that people went absolutely bonkers over this Reddit post.

Two days ago, Redditor u/kirstent00 wanted to know:

“What is a food opinion that you stand by?”

And within those 48 hours, the post received more than 25,000 comments.

Food opinion? On the internet? Well, that’s enough to get a post removed — which is what happened to this post. Luckily, all the comments are intact, so we still get the joy of wading through these hardcore opinions.

Below are some that… you know what? Are actually really great food opinions.

1. You can like all types of food

Liking gourmet food doesn’t mean you can’t also like cheap food. A beautiful plate of expensive eggs benedict at a restaurant on vacation is amazing. hangover-prepared omelets with bagged shredded cheese and whatever ingredients survived the previous party, also amazing.


2. Just say no… to influencers

Listen to the registered dietitian, not the influencer


3. Grilled veggies ftw

Grill your vegetables!!!


4. Use sesame seed oil

Sesame seed oil is a culinary secret weapon. Use it sparingly but it improves pretty much everything it touches. Replace a bit (I usually do 1/4 or 1/8) of the oil in a standard recipe with sesame seed oil. Works wonders.


5. Expensive is not better

It doesn’t need to have expensive ingredients to taste amazing.


6. Know how to slice a cheesesteak correctly

As a Philly native, I’ve stopped caring about most things that are important to cheese steak purists, but slicing the meat incorrectly is one sin I won’t forgive.


7. If you can’t eat it, get it out

No inedible items on the plate, like decorative flowers or stones.


8. Gold leaf? Looks like B.S.

If it is served with gold leaf, the chef is full of shit and you are paying too much.


9. Team vanilla!

Vanilla is a strong distinct flavor. Its not bland or plain.


10. You do you

Traditions and “the proper way” to cook something is a valuable resource to understand history and cultures but it doesn’t automatically make a dish better or worse, same goes for alterations to classic recipes. If it tastes good it tastes good, you do you.


11. Heat those tortillas

You have to heat up the flour tortillas. Do not eat them straight out of the package. Put them on a skillet, brown them, it brings out the flavor.


12. Wide burgers

Hamburgers need to be wider, not taller


13. The cheaper the taco the better

2 dollar tacos from a taco truck are probably better than 10 dollar tacos at a restaurant


14. Guidelines

Recipes are only guidelines


15. Roast your veggies!

Roasted vegetables are far, far superior to steamed or boiled, and they don’t really take that much effort for a ton of flavor and texture. Boiled cauliflower? A nightmare in a flavorless pile. Roasted cauliflower? So good it will make your day better.


16. Indian vegetarian is the best vegetarian

Indian vegetarian food is some of the best vegetarian food on the planet


17. A good cheese pizza is a good pizza

If a pizza can’t stand on its own as a plain cheese pizza, it’s not a good quality pizza.


18. Don’t season before tasting

Don’t season your food before you taste it if you have any confidence in the chef.


19. Red “delicious”

Red delicious apples are false advertising!


20. Pizza anytime!

Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime, when pizza’s on a bagel you can eat pizza anytime!


You can read the entire post here.

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