Non-Americans Are Sharing Their Brutal Opinions On ‘American Accents’ And It’ll Make You So Self-Conscious

Many Americans are under the impression that we don’t really have our own accent, we simply have a lack of accent. Of course, this isn’t true.

The American accent varies by different regions across the United States, some more noticeable than others. A Boston accent, for instance, sounds much different than a Southern twang. Much like British accents may differ based on location—someone from Wales is not going to sound the same as someone from London, etc.

That being said, it’s not uncommon to wonder what other countries think about each others’ accents. Recently, someone polled Twitter to see just how non-Americans feel about the American accent and truth be told, it’s pretty brutal. 

Americans are often curious about how their accent sounds to people from non-American countries.

Do the Brits like it as much as we like theirs?  


Or is it bland and boring to everyone else? 


When we scoured Twitter for an answer, we discovered there’s an overwhelming fascination with how Americans sound different on TV than they do in person.


A phenomenon we’ve never really noticed. 

Apparently, the television American accent is a lot more flattering. 


Like A LOT more.


And supposedly, we have “class” in films, but not so much in real life. 



Sometimes it even sounds fake.


The word “rank” has also been used to describe it.


Not to mention, “cheesy”.


Well, I never…

Netflix appears to be the one at fault for this distinction. 


Then again, we may not even exist at all.


Regardless, it’s safe to say opinions of the American accent are far from popular. 


Very well, then.

h/t: BuzzFeed, Twitter